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Neely Rosen

Kick starting your SkyLevel journey - empowering people and teams to achieve more

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Neely is the founder and creative force in establishing SkyLevel Coaching. Through years of high performance and a global financial executive career, Neely was blessed to have the support of outstanding mentors in navigating a career with the intent of breaking the glass ceiling and having a seat at the table. SkyLevel Coaching is her way to pay it forward and continue to coach upcoming or established professionals, MBA students, and teams to Level Up. Leveraging her network, Neely has pulled together a team of coaches, across many specialties to enable your evolution. 

Professional Career Journey:

A dynamic professional, Neely has established her reputation as an executive, serving as a thought leader for multiple Fortune 1000 corporations (Campbell Soup Company and URBN). She began her career as a Certified Public Account, at the well-known firm Grant Thornton. She understands the intricacies of executive leadership, and as a coach, she draws on the teachings of Patricia Moreno. Neely affords her clients the full breadth of her professional experience, offering them the keys to her own success so that they can push forward in their careers. She has traveled the world, gleaning a variety of perspectives, and fortifying her understanding of the world in all its diversity – all the better to grasp and help solve whatever obstacles her clients may encounter.


For more than twenty years, Neely has carved out her reputation through hard work and persistence, striving to achieve her full potential. She earned her BS in Accounting at Pennsylvania State University and her MBA in Risk and Strategic Management at Drexel University's LeBow College of Business. In addition, she completed her Certificate in Global Human Capital Management at the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton School of Business.

Today, Neely is a CFO, overseeing an extensive, complex financial operation – the Greater Philadelphia YMCA, which serves her community through recreational activities and other programs designed to connect people to better health, well-being and each other.


Personal Journey:

As the only girl on her all-boys under-9 soccer team and journey to a 3-sport all public High School athlete in the city of Philadelphia, Neely learned early on the power of a coach - a safe, honest space, that pushes you to your edge - where change takes hold.  Once in the professional world, the coaching dynamic shifts to the idea of mentorship - yet finding good mentors can be difficult as everyone's time becomes more precious from competing needs and professional pressures.  The team concept really shifts - goals are not as clear as the 45-minute match - score the most points and a clear winner emerges - dynamic of the athletic field. As her career advanced and while she was able to "pick-her-spots" and find good mentors, Neely realized professionally there is a significant gap for helping individuals advance in a healthy and well-rounded way. In November 2017, she became intrigued by a fitness class called intenSati and the creator Patrica Moreno. After obtaining her SkyLevel job as CFO of the Greater Philadelphia YMCA - Neely felt the pull of team dynamics, longing for improved health and wellness, and the need for a coach. In 2019, she committed to her own evolution and made a 365-day commitment to intenSati. Neely worked relentlessly to establish purposeful habits to help her self, her colleagues, her work product, her teams, and her family. In November 2019, as she capped off her Sati-365 journey, she became a Certified intenSati Leader - the hardest yet most rewarding personal challenge. And, she awoke her personal calling and souls purpose.

Being passionate about serving others, making their lives better by inspiring them to cultivate healthier mindsets and behaviors, Neely breathed life into SkyLevel Coaching and brings forward the opportunity to help you consciously create your SkyLevel career, break barriers, and build out well-rounded habits in health, wealth, and self to ensure your evolution is imminent.  Are you ready to reach your SkyLevel?


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