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Absolutes vs Flexing - Can you try saying...

Here in the Philadelphia area we are now well over 100-days into the Covid-19 pandemic and while quarantine restrictions have lifted in some ways, life is not the same and as a parent the looming fall decisions around back to school are troubling. So, while many of us are reading articles or tuning into the news we are all also forming opinions or coming up with positions related to this virus and our current situation. Yet, the reality is everyone's crystal ball is hazy at the moment. So I have been tuning into conversations and becoming acutely aware of our stances or presentation of what we know based on the latest and greatest information. Then, while speaking with my husband and trying to ensure we don't frazzle our kids, as they overhear us discussing topics which impact them, he reminded me that "only a Sith deals in absolutes." Simple, brilliant and worth taking notice of - in this situation and frankly any leadership situation.

So I'd like us all to try saying...

  • I didn't realize that.

  • I hadn't thought of it like that.

  • Thanks for the perspective.

  • I should do some more research before I solidify my position.

  • Looks like there is lots of gray area.

  • It could be better.

  • I see your point.

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