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What are your best habits?

Early in 2020, I promised myself to read 10 personal development books for the new decade. I started with a best seller called Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I chose this book because I knew it was important, to begin with, small changes if I really wanted them to stick. I often heard the buzz around 1% improvement and how starting small made all the difference. So when I had heard this book really drilled into this concept, with examples that I could put into practice, I figured I better start reading. And so, what is an Atomic Habit you ask? In short, it is a regular practice that is small and easy to do, systematized which contributes to compounded self-growth.

So I ask, what are your best habits? One of my best new habits, allowing myself a feedback loop that understands failure and is willing to learn from it not bypass it. Trying and failing are fantastic ways to learn and even better ways to grow when you allow the failure to lead to trying again...differently.

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