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How a small decision can turn your life around...

In January 2018 I joined a new gym, motivated and optimistic. I sampled a few classes. It wasn't until I found a motivating neighbor who had found his groove at the gym and introduced me to one of his favorite classes that I felt drawn in. I attended the class for a few weeks. I sweat. I lost a few pounds. Yet most of all, I felt good and I wanted to go back. You read that right, I wanted to go back. The method taught in that class was one of call and response, my brain and body were active. I never felt so present. It was just the "silence" I was looking for and it came with the benefit of fitness.

Like most January fitness joins, my time at the gym began to wain. The weather became nice and I thought, I'll be active outdoors. Well, by September I was missing my the program, the 1-hour of self-care on my mat, surrounded by the energy of others. So, I sought out not the gym, not even the instructor, rather the method. I spent the last quarter of 2018 reading and learning about the method of intenSati and in 2019 I decided to join Sati365 for a year-long commitment. Life-changing is an understatement.

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