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10 ways to start rewiring your brain... lay new tracks!

In late January 2020, I heard the phrase "lay new tracks" relating to how our brain works and that we sometimes are on autopilot, driving those same tracks and not knowing why - even when we want to change. The analyst in mind needed to understand - how can I do this? I want so bad for certain things in my life to "be different" yet are my tracks so deep I can't change?

10-ways I worked to re-wire my brain: 1. Got out of my comfort zone - meditation, visualization, journal-ing, creative outlets 2. Started delegating more 3. Allowed my personal feedback loop to accept failure which meant I tried more things 4. Became OK with starting vs needing to know perfect upon my start 5. Took more walks in the fresh air even when it was cold out 6. Counted my blessings - every night 7. Set a goal every single day and never miss twice 8. Speak as if my goals were already accomplished 9. Built a playlist of my favorite tunes distinct to workouts vs working 10. Stopped awfulizing and worked on being positive to myself

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