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Remote Work. Try these Exercise Tips.

In this unprecedented time, we have all been thrust into the new normal of remote working. And, if you are anything like me, you did not or do not have an ergonomic work station set-up.

And so, I have found, its critically important to walk around, move, step outside for fresh air, and take short breaks. As a result, I am sharing a few exercise tips with you. Disclaimer: If you have any doubts about your ability or safety in doing any of these movements, consult your physician.

Neck 360

* Sit up straight

* Slowly and with gentle control drop your head forward

* Circle your head to the right, then back, then left and return to the starting position.

* Repeat this 5 times for 2 - 3 sets

Chin Tuck

* Start with your neck relaxed in a neutral position

* Pull your head back into itself - as if you are shifting to create a "double chin"

* Hold this position for a 10-count - relax - then repeat 3 sets

T, V, I and W (Alphabet Stretches)

* Stand in a doorway with your arms forming various letter shapes (T, V, I and W)

* Using the doorway for some resistance lean in and stretch your arms, shoulder blades & back

* Hold each alphabet stretch for 10 - 20 seconds and repeat 3 times

Wrist & Ankle Roll

* With your arms at your side, shoulders relaxed, gently roll your wrists circling right for 10 and then reverse to the left for 10

* Stand at your desk and shift your body weight to 1 leg

* Lift the opposite leg and roll your ankle circling right for 10 and then reverse to the left for 10

* Shift weight to the opposite side and repeat

3 Part Breath

* Inhale deep into your belly and hold for 2-seconds and slowly breath out

* Inhale into your upper chest and hold for 2-seconds and slowly breath out

* Inhale through your nose into your throat and hold for 2-seconds and breath out with the sound Ahhhhhhh

* Repeat this pattern 3 times

This should elevate your energy, clear your mind to enhance focus, and offer movement to help your joints through your workday. Let me know how you made out!

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